Spider Treatment

Spider Treatment

As NZ Water Blasting is a cleaning service, we can also help you if your commercial or residential site has a spider infestation. Our spider treatment solution, as with all of our products, is suitable for exterior and interior surfaces and is 100% biodegradable.

Our treatment eliminates insects and spiders, as well as keeps cobwebs at bay to ensure you enjoy your property for longer. It keeps your surfaces looking cleaner from cobwebs and pesky insects for up to six months, giving you a more enjoyable and beautiful space.

Our spider treatment has a fast spider knockdown and kill rate, and is guaranteed to last up to six months. It is also eco-friendly, meaning there is no possible damage to animals, including household pets, garden life, or our clients. It also has no odour and is non-staining, making it perfect for all materials, including wood, steel and glass.

When conducting a spider treatment service, we wipe down glass panes with an exterior glass clean after application to ensure there is no visible residue or damage.

Our spider treatment package is affordable for you and the environment — it is valued at the same price as our other services, meaning you get to enjoy a cleaner, more vibrant space for longer.

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