About Us

NZ Water Blasting Team

About Us

Here at NZ Water Blasting, we are 100% committed to excellent service. Locally owned and operated in the Auckland, we use industrial grade equipment to ensure your home gets the perfect clean. With both low and high pressure settings, our equipment is gentle on the home, while still being able to tackle hard concrete surfaces. Our team is fully trained and certified to operate on all buildings, from homes to businesses, to property management companies and commercial building owners.

Our range of products are biodegradable, meaning there is 100% safety guarantee to the environment, plants and animals around the home. We are proud of our eco-friendly foundations and offer satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.

To book a free quote, email us at info@nzwaterblasting.co.nz or phone 0800 218 860

Man providing commercial building washing services to Mitre 10 office

Our Promise

We pride ourselves on affordability, service at no damage to the environment, and customer happiness. This means we deliver exceptional service to all clients, right from the first consultation through to the final revitalisation of your home or business. We bring instant sparkle to our finished work, increasing the brightness and life to buildings of all types. Customers can relax knowing their property is in the best hands. Our service is safe and secure, our team is reliable and professional, both on and off-site, and our prices are affordable and compatible with each customer’s needs.

Sustainable Equipment, Always

Not only are our products biodegradable, we also use our own water tanks for both rural and city areas. We carry up to 3000 litres of water to provide the best eco-friendly wash in Auckland. We make sure we bring enough water for the ultimate clean. No need to worry about cleaning treatment for rural areas — our water tanks ensure an immediate clean for customers outside Central Auckland. As we care about customer needs and the environment, we guarantee our equipment is sustainable and our cleaning solution is friendly to you, plantlife, household pets and other animals.

Contact Us

For general enquiries, booking consultations or if you just need a quote, don’t hesitate to phone us at 0800 218 860 . Or email at info@nzwaterblasting.co.nz.