Rural Water Blasting

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Rural Water Blasting

Rural properties are built to put up with the rough and tumble living of the country life, but even they need a deep clean every once and a while. NZ Water Blasting offers rural water blasting services capable of tackling the unique cleaning challenges of residential and commercial rural properties.

In rural areas, water is a far more precious resource; we get that. That’s why we are the only company in Auckland that uses water tanks with a capacity of 3000 litres. So, you don’t have to worry about water shortages while we work on-site. Our carrier water tanks ensure that we have enough water to give your property the deep clean it deserves. We care about our customers and understand that rural properties depend on their water tanks for daily use.

Our cleaning services for rural properties, commercial or residential, are immediately applied and clean your roof instantly. Just as with our central water blasting services, our Rural Property Water Blasting package is eco-friendly, with no damage to you, plant life or household pets.

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Our Promise

Ride your rural property of dust, dirt, and any other nasties with NZ Water Blasting. We promise high-quality water blasting solutions for your rural property, whether residential or commercial.

Our water blasting solutions are gentle on the home and workplace, with a soft pressure system and biodegradable cleaning products to ensure your space is entirely free of mildew and other bacteria. We pride ourselves on taking an eco-friendly approach to cleaning.

Our team is highly skilled, professionally trained, and well aware of health and safety requirements in New Zealand, including working with heights and all other certifications. You can be sure that when we do a job, the job gets done right.

We are confident you’ll love our rural water blasting service. We offer a free consultation and quote anytime you enquire about our services. In doing so, we can answer any lingering questions, and you can rest easy knowing exactly what you’re getting.

We offer a full range of unique products and services to employ the best clean for your home or office. NZ Water Blasting is professional, both on and off-site. We value customer feedback and work hard to ensure improvement, whether it be with products or other services.

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