Roof Wash & Cleaning Services

Man on grey roof applying roof wash

Roof Moss Treatments

Don’t settle for anything but the best. Our roof moss treatment solutions provide the best clean for your commercial or residential space while minimising risk.

Our roof cleaning services keep your home or workspace free from moss, mould, and lichen with instant on-site application by our professional team.

Once applied, our roof treatment takes around three months to kill all the lichen, turning it from green to pale yellow. The wash then happens naturally, all you need is wind and rain to do the work for you, washing off the dead lichen over time. Once applied, it keeps your roof looking brand new for up to 18 months and prevents biological regrowth.

One of the best things about our method is that to apply our solution, we do not need to walk on your roof. This means we are minimising the possibility of any kind of physical damage to your roof from people standing on it.

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Our Promise

At NZ Water Blasting, we promise high-quality water blasting solutions for your home or business. Clean, eco-friendly, roof wash services for all residential and commercial properties.

We value customer feedback and work hard to ensure improvement, whether it be with products and other services.

Get in touch today to speak to our friendly team of experts who will be happy to answer any questions you have and provide a quote for your home or office.

Roof close up after roof cleaning services