Pre Painting Washing

Pre Painting Washing

Here at NZ Water Blasting, we specialise in pre-painting washing, giving your exterior walls a gentle clean and getting your house ready for paintwork. It is very essential to clean walls before painting, most walls can be washed with low-pressure water for exterior surfaces.  NZ Water Blasting only uses a soft chem wash for walls and other surfaces to preserve the quality of your property, even when repainting after washes.

Our soft chem wash for exteriors in need of a repaint is biodegradable, meaning it is perfect for yourself, your home and any household pets. It is designed to wash all home surfaces safely and professionally — we treat all clients’ properties with respect and as a brand new project, meaning we save you thousands on repainting and customise our services to suit your home’s exterior needs.

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Other Exterior and House Cleaning Services

We offer a soft wash house cleaning service, pathway cleaning, gutter cleaning, driveway cleaning and deck washing. For all of your residential needs, let NZ Water Blasting Services do it all for you!

Our Commercial and Large-Scale Washing Services

As with our residential services, we offer a collection of services for commercial and other business properties in Auckland.
With our combination of high quality cleaning technology and biodegradable products, we can clean almost any moss, mould, mildew and stains on your properties to make your commercial sites shine.